Understanding Wine Coolers


A wine cooler is a refrigeration unit installed either under the counter or over a counter-top or by itself in a kitchen, or a bar are at home. Wine coolers provide temperatures and humidity controlled environment in which to store your wine collection. Wine coolers can also be referred to as wine refrigerators.It is important to note that wine coolers are different from wine cellars in that the primary aim of a wine refrigerator is too keep the wine cold enough at proper serving temperatures while a wine cellar is a device for aging wine. Suitable temperatures for serving wine are 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A cellar is used for long-term storage of wine and maintains degrees of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out this website top10winecoolers.com/top-allavino-wine-coolers-on-the-market about wine coolers.

There are primary types and brands at varying prices in the market today. Therefore there are various factors an individual must consider while buying a wine cooler. Bottle count or the capacity may be the most significant consideration when buying a wine refrigerator.It must be big enough for the wine collection. Wine collection has the tendency to expand, and thus the cooler must, therefore, allow for expansion space. The wine coolers are also available in single, dual and three temperature zone coolers. The most popular are the dual temperature zone coolers which contain separate and independently controlled temperature zones, one for the red wine and one for the white wine. Vibrations control are also very essential to wine. Excess vibration can cause sediment to interact with maturing wine, so it is critical to minimize vibrations. Thermometric coolers have a wine cooling system that is both environmentally friendly and also vibration free. Other coolers that can be considered will have rubber mounts on the compressor and coated shelves to minimize the vibration effect. The top wine coolers must also ensure they enhance security and thus they are installed with locks, and this may help keep out kids, learn more!

There are different types of wine coolers available in the market for an individual to choose. The first type is the counter-top coolers. These are sufficient for individuals with lesser floor space. They allow the storage of between 4 to 24 bottles of wine. The second type of cooler is known as a built-in cooler. It is also ideal for people with minimal floor space. They don’t necessarily need ventilation around them. Freestanding wine counters are the most popular of the three. They offer convenience in that they can be placed anywhere and be moved around. One must also decide whether they prefer a single zone or double zone wine cooler that will fit their needs. To get some facts about wine coolers, visit http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/wine-tour/.


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